Heavy-current division  
It is a dynamically developing business branch of Rabomatik Ltd., operating since 1995.
Its task is the sale of devices connected with electric energy transmission, and technical consultancy.

Products groups we sell:
  • electric switch cupboards, in standalone and wall-mounted construction (wide variety of power transmission and electricity meter boxes, technical consultancy)
  • fuse carriers, (one- and three-pole, blank, with coating, in a switchable design, in vertical and horizontal execution)
  • wide selection of cartridge fuses (knife, high voltage, diazed, ceramic and glass tube fuses, special cartridge fuses for electronics, railway, navigation and mining, produced according to various characteristics: semiconductor, wiring, motor-protection, etc.)
  • overhead line between 0.4kV up to 500kV
    (tensioners, supports, electricity binding and bird-protection equipment, fitting tools, technical support connected with the construction of various systems: blank, coated and insulated systems and accessories)
  • electric cable mounting materials
    (extension pieces, thimbles, correction pieces, etc.)
Some of our major references:
Producers and their products represented by our heavy-current business branch  
Energy distribution systems, switch cupboards, fittings for overhead lines:
Fuse rods, isolating switches:
Low- and medium voltage-, semiconductor protection-, mining-, shipbuilding-, transport technology and other fuses for a number of other applications:
Switch cupboards  
Power transmission switch cupboards
1.: e-on cable distribution sample cupboard
2.: wall-mounted design
3., 4.: simple mounting by using a pedestal element, even in case of wall-mounting
5., 6.: aesthetic solution opportunities
7., 8.: appearance in harmony with the environment
9.: uniform design, that can be simply overviewed
Electricity meter boxes
1.: measuring by current transformation
2.: direct measuring
Special individual distribution cupboards and casings
1.: socket-distributor with electricity measuring
2.: separating transformers
3.: power transmission and measuring system
4.: implementation of a control technique task
5., 6.: operation and control, internal execution expected from an industrial control cupboard
Fuse zones, isolating switches  
Cartridge fuses  
1.: Over 8 thousand models
Fittings for overhead lines  
Small voltage
1.: small-voltage fusing opportunity with column isolating switch
2.: Column-head, with Mosdorfer fittings
3., 4.: how to use fittings / overhead line laying
5.: mounting end-tensioning
6.: roller suspenders
Medium voltage
1., 2.: bird protection on medium-voltage free wire columns
3.: laboratory inspection of fittings
4.: Laying Earth-Water-Air cable on Mosdorfer laying rollers
Presentations, trade trainings  
We provide regular information for our business partners about the application of the elements, devices and solutions sold by us, within the framework of presentations, lectures, and professional trainings. We carry on continuous consultations on the application experiences, and endeavour to adjust the development direction of our products to the users' needs.

Please be our guest on our next presentation, where you can be convinced of the technical suitability of our products, and you can share your experiences with us, you can set further expectations to our development engineers!

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