Industrial automation  
From planning till commissioning: individual machines and equipment, special-purpose machinery, production- and assembly lines, solving individual automation tasks in the area of machinery, automotive, electronic, construction material industries, or any other industrial segment.

Some of our major references:
Vehicle industry  
1984 Eger Factory of Csepel Auto, Eger
Gear box-shaft (ZF) processing machinery line
1988-1991 Moskwich car-factory, Moscow (SU)
Certain automats for the shock absorber- and steering gear assembly line, and standalone pallet-manipulators
2001 Alcoa Európai Keréktermék Ltd
Measuring site manipulator with industrial robot
1994-1998 Ford Hungária Ltd

1.: Articulated jack built in ground level
2.: Automatic emptying manipulator
3.: Automatic greasing and measuring position
2001 Agrikon KAM Ltd
Clamping devices for welding system with industrial robots, with welding equipment (also independent turning devices)
2001 Veritas Dunakiliti Csatlakozástechnikai Ltd
Manual tube-bending equipment with electronic control
2000-2002 Opel Magyarország Járműgyártó Ltd

For assembling ALLISON gear boxes
1. : Main line assembly cars
2. : Flat-plate measuring equipment
2002 Veritas Dunakiliti Csatlakozástechnikai Ltd
Special-purpose machine for processing plastic tube-end
2003 Albert-Weber Hungária Ltd
Pressure-testing equipment for car lower suction piece
Production of construction material elements  
1995-2004 Wienerberger Téglaipari Rt
Kőszeg Beam Factory, Kőszeg

1.: Automatic equipment for form panel lifting and lowering 1995
2.: Chain-operated transfer push-plate body 1998
3.: Finished product unit building and transporting system 1998
4.: Bridging- and concrete beam bundling machine 2004
2000 Wienerberger Ilovac d.d.
Karlovac (Croatia)
Pallet re-loading manipulator
2003-2004 Wienerberger Téglaipari Rt
Kőszegi Beam Factory, Kőszeg
Concreting machines
Electronic industry  
1997-98 Philips Monitoripar Magyarország Ltd

1.: (approx. 80 m long) Assembly systems of complete computer monitor (14"-19") 1997-98
2.: Screen assembly manipulators with automatic dosing 1997-98
3.: 80- 300- and 360-piece warm-up equipments 1995-98
4.: Packing manipulators 1995-98
5.: Automatic equipments for making unit loads 1997-98
1999-2001 Flextronics Int. Ltd

1.: 3 assembly lines for printer production
2.: "Gromit" multi-functional office equipment assembly line
2000 Flextronics Int. Ltd
Testing-correcting benches
1997-1999 Nokia Monitor Ltd
Packing manipulators
2000-2001 Alpine Európai Elektronikai Ltd

1.: Foot-bending device
2.: Retainer ring dosing unit
2000 Philips Components Ltd
Running Jig
2005 Robust Plastik Assembling Ltd

LCD- and Plasma TV assembly system
Individual machines and equipment, special-purpose machines  
1986-1994 Aprítógépgyár Rt
Earthmoving equipment lever machining special-purpose cutting machines
1992 Voest Alpine GmbH
Judenburg (Austria)
Fibre dosing equipment
1994 GE Tungsram Rt
Conventional bulb painting line
(2 path)
1999 Roto Elzett Certa Ltd
Lövő (later Germany)
Special-purpose machine for hinge machining
2000-2003 Elekthermax Rt

1.: Tube calibrating equipment
2.: Tube chopper and calibrating special-purpose machine (chipless technology)
2001-2003 Elekthermax Rt
Automatic special–purpose cutting machine for producing so-called
Tube radiator outlets, out of d2.5-3mm material
2004 Emerson Processor Management Mo. Ltd, Fisher Division, Székesfehérvár
Inspection testing equipment
Bay Zoltán Material Science and Technology Institute, Budapest
Rotating-tipping equipment for industrial robot laser cutting system
2002-2003 Euro-Elzett Zárgyártó és Kereskedelmi Ltd
Special-purpose machine for double-edge key milling
2005 GÁZGÉP Ltd

Unified special-purpose cutting machine with 10 processing units, with an automatic supply system equipped with double-arm upper-track manipulator
2005 AGC Automotive Hungary Ltd, Tatabánya

1.: Blasthead Prior Set Cart
2.: Mold Prior Set Cart
Measuring, testing and inspection machines  
1993 Camozzi Spa
Polpenazze (Italy)
Seal testing equipment for pneumatic parts
2004 Emerson Process Management Mo. Ltd
Fisher Division, Székesfehérvár

Pressure testing equipments (part and finished product inspection)
Automotive measuring and inspection machines  
2002 Opel Magyarország Járműgyártó Ltd
Flat-plate measuring equipment
2002 Visteon Hungary Ltd
Impeller depth measuring equipment
2003 Albert Weber Hungary Ltd
Pressure testing equipment

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